We Know Sport | New base layers from Oscar Jacobson
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New base layers from Oscar Jacobson

Swedish brand, Oscar Jacobson, not only boasts a 112-year heritage in tailoring, but has also been at the top-end golf apparel for many decades, from the early days of kitting out players on the European Tour in the 1970s, through to a long-term partnership with The Ryder Cup and, more recently, a relationship with Volvo to support the Volvo China Open.



Moving into the off-season months and more changeable weather conditions, the foundations of the WPS system – thermal base layers like Ron, Rock and Buck – really come into their own. They provide a soft, snug-fitting, synthetic-fibre layer next to your skin that transports moisture away from the body to help regulate your temperature.



In recent years, OJ Sport’s excellent WPS Weather Protection System has delivered the ultimate layering concept, equipping golfers like never before to deal with whatever the elements throw at them, whether wind, rain or plummeting temperatures. Many of the key Autumn/Winter 2015 pieces work together under the WPS banner to offer the perfect blend of protection from the elements and freedom to swing. The shirts, shorts and underwear form a light, breathable base layer to help wick moisture away and regulate temperature; the mid-layers are for isolation, helping you retain body heat while further wicking away moisture; and the outer layers provide protection from the wind and rain.



As the skies turn greyer, the temperatures take a turn and the weather serves up a greater degree of changeability, most golfers want to be reassured that they’re as prepared as they possibly can be to play their way through it. The Ron, Rock and Buck base layers form an integral part of OJ Sport’s weather-defying Autumn/Winter 2015 WPS collection, and are specifically designed to keep you comfortable out on the course whatever the conditions, so you can concentrate on the key tasks of swinging freely and keeping your score ticking over.



Ron is a winter-weight thermal turtleneck in five core colours – black, white, red, blue and pale blue – comprising an element of elastane in the fabric mix for the optimum fit. Rock, available in black, white, red and blue, boasts the same polyester/elastane fabric mix but features a half-zip collar. Buck, available in black, white or navy, ups the elastane content to 10% and offers a classic roll-neck top for those who really like to batten down the hatches around the neck when the mercury dips.




The whole OJ Sport Autumn/Winter 2015 WPS collection has been created to equip golfers like never before in terms of performance and style, and Ron, Rock and Buck form the ideal base layers for whatever OJ Sport garments you choose to wear over so functional a foundation.

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