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Mizuno, the Japanese golf equipment manufacturer founded in Osaka in 1906, which has been at the forefront of golf equipment design for 111 years, is delighted to announce the launch of its new S18 wedges and CLK hybrids.


Beautifully engineered to enhance any golfer’s scoring potential at either end of the bag, the S18 wedges and CLK hybrids will both be available at retail from September 2017.


S18 Wedges / Loft Specific Design

While all new S18 wedges share a rounded silhouette shape, which allows the blade to open easily without impacting alignment, each individual wedge – from the 46˚ pitching wedge replacement to the 62˚ lob wedge – benefits from Mizuno’s most refined ‘Loft Specific Design’. For the ultimate short game performance, each wedge loft has its own unique profile, sole grind and groove depth, engineered to be most effective for its intended use.


The ‘Loft Specific’ groove design on the S18 wedges incorporates narrower and deeper Quad Cut Grooves in the stronger lofts, which are more beneficial on full shots, while wider and shallower grooves are utilised in the higher lofts to maximise performance on partial shots.


The mid-size heads on the S18 wedges feature a ‘Loft Specific’ Centre of Gravity throughout the lofts in which weight is shifted progressively higher up the blade in the more lofted wedges via a visibly thicker beveled topline, to create more consistent spin rates on strikes from high in the clubface that become more common in the highest lofts.


“One of the keys to a good wedge game is controlling your spin rates,” says Chris Voshall, Senior Engineer. “There’s no gain in making one pitch stop dead if the next one rolls out. On the shorter shots, we’re more likely to miss the sweet spot high on the face – which is a cause of inconsistent spin. The S18 is thicker higher into the blade, which evens out the spin rates on those common mishits.”


Grain Flow Forged at Mizuno’s exclusive Hiroshima plant from a single billet of 1025 steel for incredible feel, distance control and short-game performance, the S18 wedges also benefit from enhanced groove durability thanks to the use of Boron-infused steel. Spin control is further enhanced by the most exacting precision face milling, taking tolerances even tighter, and ensuring Mizuno’s Quad Cut grooves are as close to the absolute USGA / R&A limitations as possible.


The S18 wedges will be available from 46˚ to 62˚ in Black IP or Chrome finishes (LH in Chrome only), with the former wearing away gently over time to reveal the durable chrome beneath. Each wedge can also be custom stamped with up to six characters in one of 12 colours for that true tour touch.


CLK / Shockwave Hybrid

The new CLK Hybrid features an eight-way adjustable hosel, allowing it to be precisely tuned to fill the distance gap between the longest iron and shortest fairway wood. Its amplified Shockwave Sole not only delivers more energy for faster balls speeds, but also pushes weight lower and forward for a high, low-spinning flight. The ultra-thin, durable 1770 Maraging steel face further promotes faster ball speeds while also granting Mizuno’s engineers the freedom to create a more stable clubhead. The club’s versatile playing profile means the CLK is equally at home from the fairway or tee.


“We all play our CLKs a little differently,” says Bill Price, Custom Fit Manager Mizuno. “With faster ball speeds, we’ll tend to slot them in before a 3- or 4-iron. For mid and slow swing speeds, having two, three or even four CLKs in the bag becomes a great way to maintain some yardage gaps.”


CLK hybrids are available in four RH models (#2 – 16°, #3 – 19°, #4 – 22°, #5 – 25°) with the eight-way adjustable hosel paving the way for up to 32 set-up possibilities, including +/- 2 degrees with upright options so there’s scope for every golfer to create their ideal CLK line-up, ball flight and address look. There are also two LH CLK models (#3, #4).

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